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  • Sales Representatives shenzhen 2022-03-14

    Job duties:

    1. responsible for market development, customer maintenance, and accomplishing the task targets of sales;

    2. collect and find customer information and establish customer files;

    3. Assist the sales manager in formulating sales strategies and sales plans;

    4.To do the signing, performance and management of sales contracts and other related work, as well as the coordination of various market issues;

    5.Summarize and coordinate the demand plan for goods and develop the plan for the deployment of goods.

  • Contracts Management Specialist shenzhen 2022-03-14

    Job duties:

    1. receive and send various drawings, documents and other materials from the project department, register, file and keep them properly;

    2. Prepare project construction process information and completion information;

    3. good negotiation skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills;

    4. skilled in the use of various office software;

    5. strong ability to analyse data and learning ability.

  • Purchasing Specialist shenzhen 2022-03-14

    Job duties:

    1. completing supplier negotiations and procurement contracts and completing the procurement process in accordance with procurement tasks;

    2.Responsible for tracking the delivery process and handling delivery issues;

    3.Find and develop suitable supply resources according to product requirements, collate and collect vendor qualifications and related information;

    4.To request quotations, compare and bargain with suppliers, and take measures to reduce procurement costs;

    5.Make payments in accordance with the relevant billing period of the order to ensure effective performance of the contract;

    6. Complete other work tasks as arranged by the leadership.

  • Project Manager shenzhen 2022-03-14

    Job duties:

    1. familiar with the power supply process of high and low voltage substation and distribution projects, good at construction management, proficient in technical requirements, coordinating and coordinating project management work, and being the first person in charge of the project;

    2. Prepare project start-up and examination materials, construction plans, material and equipment examination materials, process materials, completion materials, engineering contact sheets, follow up on timely issuance of order forms and design changes by the A-unit.;

    3. power supply scheme audit, confirmation, construction drawing deepening, audit, preparation of material and equipment procurement plan, material and equipment selection, issuance of procurement application form according to the project progress plan;

    4. construction unit management, arrangement of on-site construction tasks, construction technical and safety briefings to construction teams;

    5. Before the construction of equipment on site, do the re-survey of the power distribution room to ensure that the civil construction of the power distribution room meets the construction conditions and then handle the work interface handover;

    6. Organize and supervise the on-site construction in strict accordance with the construction specifications and the acceptance specifications of the power supply department after the materials and equipment are delivered to the site, and strictly control the quality of on-site construction;

    7.During the project implementation, provide real-time feedback on the project situation and ensure the reciprocity of information between members of the project department;

    8. timely completion of project prepayment, progress payment, settlement payment and warranty payment application and collection according to the contract terms and on-site construction progress;

    9.Timely filing of data and handover of projects.

  • Product Manager shenzhen 2022-03-14

    Job duties:

    1、Responsible for product design, user research, demand mining, collation, design hardware product functional requirements, analysis, and product solution implementation, competitive product analysis, product-related documentation collation work;

    2、Responsible for tracking the progress of the product, including design, selection, development, accessories, packaging design, mold opening, trial production, small batch, mass production and other stages of work;

    3、Responsible for product-related coordination work, including internal and external work communication and management. Project promotion, product acceptance, product finalization and other related work;

    4、Responsible for product function and performance testing, issuing instruction manuals, maintenance manuals, and cooperating with the marketing department to extract the characteristics of the products;

    5、Understand the related products in the same industry, collate the needs and advantages of various products, and compile relevant information such as patents of related products;

    6、Responsible for planning product lines, product life cycle, as well as product upgrading, enriching and improving product series;

    7、Prior experience in mechatronics, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment and other fields is preferred.