Schneider Blokset authorised low voltage switchgear

Low voltage switchgear sets

Performance Description:

- Rated insulation voltage: 1000V (AC)

- Rated operating voltage: 690V (AC)

- Rated impulse withstand voltage: 12KV

- Over-voltage category: IV

- Rated main busbar current: 6300A

- Rated short time withstand current: 100KA 1s

- Separation type: 1/2b/3b/4

- Protection class: IP20/31/42/54

- Functional unit type: fixed, pull-out type

- Cabinet type: power distribution cabinet, fixed motor control centre, drawer type motor control centre, capacitor cabinet, inverter soft start cabinet

- Advantages

- Blokset low-voltage distribution cabinets offer a wide range of cabinet types to meet the needs of different applications, for power distribution, motor protection, power factor compensation and other functions, for all low-voltage systems where high reliability is required.

- Range of applications

- Blokset low voltage distribution cabinets are used in a wide range of applications.

- Railways, metallurgy, power plants and other industrial sites, data centres, public buildings, commercial buildings, all kinds of infrastructure.